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Every home educators dream: Find a system that works.

Written by Kylie

The world is governed by natural and man made systems that are necessary for maintaining order and achieving balance. It is imperative these systems fit the purposes they are designed for otherwise they fail.

No matter how prestigious or influential, all workplace positions benefit from mindful management practices. We often grumble over following repetitive processes but lets face it, they get tasks done and protect against burn out.

The Home Educator role is no different. Parenting while continuously facilitating the education of your children is quite literally  a 24/7 job. It deserves the utmost reverence and standing ovations in my opinion. You catch a self care break when either you fall down from pure exhaustion (physical or mental) or benefit from a mindfully crafted system that withstands the ebb and flows of family life.

I know which one I choose – the second option for sure!

I need a mindfully crafted system that:

  • Adds value to my day without taking up too much time: I am highly allergic to double handling tasks and multiple step processes.
  • Offers my family freedom and flexibility: our way is not for everyone however there will be similarities of course.
  • Fits with my family’s needs while effectively gathers reporting information:  we simultaneously learn through living and not just at certain times.
  • Has therapeutic benefits: what I record and use has to have meaning and purpose. I am facilitating the education of the potential leaders of tomorrow and it is a real honour.

I am in the midst of my home educating journey with my three children and it forms a huge part of my life. Mindfully choosing to give the position the respect and time it deserves takes practice and patience.

Over time I have pieced together systems using a generic diary that I would usually customise by whiting out headings, paired it with binder files and journal notebooks. It was messy and having multiple places to store information  overwhelmed me.

My friend Jami-Lyn experienced similar challenges and desires throughout her journey so we decided to pursue creating  together the  Reporting Planner. This innovative solution quickly became the most invaluable item in our home educator tool boxes.

We hope our Reporting Planner becomes the perfect solution for other home educators, like us, experiencing the same conundrum. We know it brings balance to our days and we want you to share in this experience.

~ Kylie Jennings






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