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Online Monthly Meet-up

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come as you are

Messy hair? We’re not judging

Wearing comfy ‘house’ clothes? Me too! 

Had a hard day? Could be one of those for us too!

That’s the beauty of online friends! 

Come as you are, no need to pretty yourself up!

Don't want your video on?

Not everyone is comfortable to have their video turned on. That’s ok! 
How great is it that we can still build connections, with only our voices! 

My video feed is on, and only those who are comfortable turn theirs on! No pressure!


Umm… is this even necessary to say? 

You do need to sign up though! – For our protection!

Our safety is important to me. Having a closed door, open to those who want to have a few laughs and hang out, means that the general public can not just turn up!

You will NOT recieve any other emails from LTL unless you have subscribed elsewhere! 

This is a social hang out! Not business related.


Not a Clique

Highschool was so long ago! None of us have any desire to go back! 

As such, none of those teenage behaviours here! 

Just some women who want to relax, have some laughs and hang out from the comfort of our own homes! 

Every Thursday via Zoom

: First Thursday of the month at 8pm

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Come hang out

It is not as scary as that voice in the back of your mind is telling you! 

We are just homeschool mums, sitting in our homes once a month getting together wearing our comfy clothes, messy hair and coming together to chit chat!

If you’re looking for a friendly bunch of women to connect with, relate to and have some laughs with, click the join button below!

We are really looking forward to meeting you!

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