2020 Homeschool Planner

Support your mind and SUpport your child's mind

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It is possible to make 2020 your best record keeping year yet!

Use the guide below to find a solution that is going to work for your unique family! 

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Supporting Your Mind

Recording your homeschool journey can also support your mind! 

Our mental load is quite large. Knowing where we can offload some of that burden is an act of self care.

Our children learn more from OUR behaviours and attitudes, then what we say; so supporting our mind sets them up from an early age to recognise and pay attention to their mind. 

A simple act such as this has profound and far reaching effects. It’s a valuable life skill. 

Cohesive Design

What you can expect to find throughout the planner, regardless of the section.



See the growth at the personal and family level when you reflect on the changes you all have experienced. 

Goal Setting


Set goals throughout to ensure you take action, adjust and see your version of success by the end of the year.

Printability in mind


Designed for you to create the planner that will suit you! Each section can be printed on their own, or all together. A detailed printing instruction is included.

What do you want to see next?

Calendar & "Terms"


Year is sectioned into 4 quarters. This could be termed as a school term, however the months do not necessarily suit to school terms. This enables you to dictate your #homeschoollife and school dates.

Family learning

Focus on the family learning and lived experiences as a whole.


support your mind

Helping you to write down all the terms events, resources and memorable moments. This will help when preparing your report; but more importantly, will reduce your mental load knowing the information is recorded for the future.


Each quarter, look back on the term that was. This will help you in your Australian reporting, as well as personal growth awareness.

Resources & Activities

All your weekly / regular activities, as well as your excursions and resources you use (or want to use) are located here. This is to help you see your term (or year quarter) at a glance.

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Family Portfolio


Prompts to help you throughout different parts of the year to identify where your family has been and the direction you're heading.

Whole family focus

This planner allows you to explore the learning and personal development your family as a whole has experienced. As home educators, we understand that learning is not linear or confined to children. Finally, you have a space to capture your family throughout the year. What a great keepsake to have!


support your mind

De-cluttering your mind is a form of self care!

Goal setting

Keep your goals on track to ensure you achieve your success.


Double sided or single sided. The choice is yours.

It was too pretty to write in to start with but my daughter was so excited to have the planner that she wanted to write ‘stuff’ up in it for herself....... so then it wasn’t pristine anymore and I could waffle ande w joined together in a joint effort......... with much giggling ensuing of course....... wonderful resource, prompter, recorder of memories, relationship builder, and oh yeah, home ed planner...... great job.
I recommend it!!!
Sharyn Paduch
Homeschool Mum of 3

Child Portfolio


Choose the design that suits each of your children.

Whole child focus
| Life Journal |

Designed to capture your whole child, including their interests, life goals and learning goals.​


support their mind

Imagine the sense of success and progress your child will feel looking at all their living and learning achievements; taking note of how they're growing, changing and developing as the year progresses. Flick through the year with nostalgia as you both smile and remember the year that was.

Goal setting

Give your child the space and direction to pursue their goals by recognising them, and putting into action the steps necessary to achieve them.


Double sided or single sided. In their own binder or located inside your planner.
You have the freedom to choose how it will help your child.


Free preview

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the Yearly overview and Term 1 to see how this will support your mind as well as support your child’s mind. 

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Please note: This is a watermarked copy of the child portfolio. You will not be able to use this copy as a test. It is for you to view only.

End of Year


Prompts to help you consider your year, as well as pages to place the photographs you've taken throughout the year.

Family Focus

Consider the programs you used, what you learned, what you experienced. Great for your reporting process.


support your mind

Reflecting helps you become more self aware. Learning to do this at a family level will help you understand your family at a deeper level. This is another way you can support your mind.


Lean into the year and reflect what you've achieved. Reflecting is a great way to develop skills, learn from your experiences and grow into the following year.

reporting requirement

This is a reporting requirement in several states in Australia.

Flip Through a sample

I have always found journals/record keeping tedious and most un pleasant part of homeschooling. with this it has made it more easier, less stressful. I have been able to thoroughly show our learning and include core values of what homeschooling is about that we as parents are passionate about. it more reflects us as a family and gives me an opportunity to focus and show case each child's strengths and give me ideas for our future. I wish I had found this a lot sooner in my early days
I recommend it!!!
Krissy Lee
Homeschool Mum of 4

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